Germany Trip 2007 - Salzburg

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From Stuttgart we bused to King Ludwig II's famous castle for a walking tour.  The most photographed castle in Europe, this was used by the Disney Company as the model for their trademark castles at both Disney parks.  After a long climb and walking tour we got on the bus for both a nap and the drive to Salzburg.  We stayed in Salzburg for three nights to use it as our base of operation for day trips.  It is a very lovely city and the home of Mozart.  We gave our members on the next day the opportunity to take guided tours of the city or go with the faithful to Gmünd.  I had never been to Salzburg but it is a beautiful city in a valley.  One of our dinners was at a spectacular restaurant overlooking the valley and we watched the sun set and the city turn to a fantastic glow.

Ludwig's castle.

photo by Tom McGinty

Walking tour.
photo by Ron Felson

Salzburg by day.
photo by Frank Fleeger

Salzburg at night.
photo by Ken Nielsen

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