Germany Trip 2007 - Gmünd

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The next day was the most solemn of the trip.  Our expedition to Gmünd was, for us 356 owners, the true trip to a holy place.  Helmut Pfeifhofer was our host at his museum and, as president of the local Porsche Club, our guide to the original factory location.  Mr. Pfeifhofer did not speak English, so I was pressed into service to translate as best I could.  Fortunately, a member of the Porsche Club of Germany was there with his group and told me that he would be happy to translate for us.  He and his traveling companions spent quite a bit of time with us explaining details of the collection at the museum.  And in better English than most of us speak.

Part of his collection was Gmünd coupe #20 of the 42 built by the struggling new company.  We learned where Porsche found suspension parts, door handles and ignition switches from other car manufacturers.  Other little known techniques on working aluminum were part of the lengthy question and answer session.

Our visit to the Konstruction Büro, where both of the Porsches worked during the war, was a very detailed experience thanks to Mr. Pfeifhofer.

This is where it started.

photo by Curt Crowell

At the museum.

photo by Curt Crowell

Walking to lunch.

photo by Bill Burgis

Bob Hindman and the Professor.

photo by Ken Nielsen

At the original factory.

photo by Curt Crowell

Wooden buck.

photo by Glenn Patterson

Gordy Smith receives a commemorative pin from Helmut Pfeifhofer.

photo by Curt Crowell

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