Germany Trip 2007 - Büdingen

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We spent our first day in a romantic castle in a little village called Büdingen where my good friend Matthias Mahr lives with his family.  This seventh century village is not on the regular tour guide maps.  A historic place in the state of Hessen was the idyllic place to start a romantic visit to Germany.  The founders of the Amana colony (and home of the appliance company) left Büdingen for the new world.  We stayed at the castle and were greeted by the reigning countess who is cousin to Queen Elizabeth of England.

Our hotel.

photo by John Diwik

Bonnie and Pat with the Countess.
photo by Matthias Mahr

On tour.
photo by Matthias Mahr

At the gate.
photo by Matthias Mahr

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